Caipirinha (Brazilian Drink)

Caipirinha (Brazilian Drink)

How about chilling out with this refreshing tropical cocktail? I thought it is a great way to watch the World Cup drinking this traditional Brazilian drink called Caipirinha. Are you tuning in to the World Cup? I am. How could I not enjoy soccer? I grew up in Brazil where everybody is COMPLETELY crazy for this sport. Soccer is not only a sport but it is considered an art by the Brazilians. That shows how much people down there love soccer.

Caipirinha (Brazilian Drink)

In my home I have the World Cup on all day, because it is exciting for me. I am getting sad already since it’s almost over. Of course, I am cheering for Brazil, but I’ve got to be honest, I wish Canada took its national soccer program more seriously and I would have two teams to cheer for 😉

Caipirinha (Brazilian Drink)

So, what a fun way to celebrate this huge event with the national cocktail? Caipirinha is made with lime, sugar, ice and cachaça, which is a sugarcane-derived product. The alcohol results from the fermentation of the sugarcane juice that is distilled. If I can explain very fast what is cachaça I would say it is a Brazilian version of rum. This drink is sold all over Brazil such as pubs, restaurants, bars, parks and beaches (yes, alcohol is allow to be consumed at the parks and beaches). Also, there are many variations of this drink because instead of using cachaça some people just use vodka or they add different fruits like strawberry, kiwi, pineapple and so on. When Caipirinha is made with vodka people call this drink Caipiroska.


Caipirinha (Brazilian Drink)

One last thing, I just would like to say that I tried to make this drink a little lighter and for this reason I used one tablespoon of honey instead of two tablespoons of sugar like the traditional recipe calls for. But, if you prefer to make the traditional recipe just go ahead and try it 😉

Caipirinha (Brazilian Drink)

How about chilling out with this refreshing Caipirinha (Brazilian drink)? It is made with lime, sugar, ice and cachaça. This is a light version with honey!

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  • 1 lime, cut into 4 wedges
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • Ice cubes
  • 3 tablespoons cachaça


  1. In a small glass add lime and honey.
  2. Using a pestle or a wooden spoon gently mash the lime and the honey together. Do not squeeze the lime too much.
  3. Add ice and the cachaça. Enjoy!
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