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As a food blogger I cook a lot and for this reason I always use some kitchen appliances to help me in my kitchen. I would like to share with you some of my favourite kitchen appliances that are very useful and handy while we are preparing all our delicious meals. The following are equipments I truly love, recommend and are absolutely essential for my cooking.


food processorKitchenAid Food Processor: When you are very busy and don’t have much time to cook, your food processor becomes your best friend. Nothing better than all the veggies you need to chop being chopped in seconds with the food processor. I love this one from KitchenAid especially because of the ultra wide mouth feed tube and the powerful motor.

Price: 147.79$, from




hand blenderCuisinart Hand Blender: I use a hand blender at least once a week because I really love to blend my veggies when I made soup. Living in a cold country like Canada, soups are a real hit in my home. I prefer to blender my veggies with a hand blender because it so easy to use, clean, and to store. This is definitely a very useful and a great tool to have in your kitchen.

Price: 34.95$, from




KitchenAid Blender: For me one of the best ways to have a healthy breakfast is making a delicious smoothie. But it is not only for making smoothies, but I also use it to chop vegetables and to stir, mix and puree. I think it is very useful when you need more power than a hand blender.

Price: 89.99$, from



mixerKitchenAid Mixer: I think I don’t even need to say why I love this mixer, right? This is the best especially because of its big bowl and its multipurpose attachment hub. I use it every time I make homemade pizza dough, cookies, brownies and cakes. It is so easy to use and the motor is very powerful, which is perfect for those moments that you need to double your recipe for the family celebrations.

Price: 359.99$, from   



spiralizerSpiral vegetable Slicer: This is my favourite way to make beautiful noodles from vegetables and fruits. It is easy to store and it comes with extra blades. Also it is hand operated.

Price: 34.99$, from




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