Life Beyond Cooking: Thomas’ 1st Birthday

Life Beyond Cooking: Thomas' 1st Birthday

Here I am again with one more Life Beyond Cooking post, where I talk about things that don’t really have to do with cooking or recipes. Today I’d like to share with you a little bit about Thomas’ 1st birthday. It looks incredible to me how fast this one year pasted by. I confess that the first 3 months after he was born looked eternal, but after that it really flied. It was the most challenging and amazing year of my life. That was the year that I became a mom, went back to live in Brazil for 6 months, traveled to awesome places like Brazil, Argentina and Uruguai and the year that I became officially a full-time blogger. Wow… That was a lot. What is the most incredible is that I made all that with Thomas beside me. My little boy was with me when I traveled, I blogged, I was with my family and so on. He is my happy companion and I got so used to being with him that when he is not around (these are rare moments) I feel like something is missing 😉

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So, here we are. One year later you our Tomtom (nickname) is a big boy that mom and dad are so so so proud of. We couldn’t ask for a better baby. He is the most smiling, calm, friendly and happy baby that we’ve ever met. He almost doesn’t cry and when he does, it doesn’t bother me at all because it doesn’t take a minute and he stops. He isn’t walking yet, but he crawls like a pro. Thomas is also speaking little things like “dada”, “nene”, “tata” and “mama”. This little boy is also clapping his hands, waving and imitates us when we sneeze. It’s so funny! On top of that, he goes to everybody easily and never complains. He eats well, sleeps even better (he slept pretty bad until 3 months, but now he sleeps through the night) and he loves listening to music. Pierre has a beautiful jukebox in the middle of our living room and Thomas loves to listen to music with his father. He even tries a little dance. It’s so hilarious!

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Talking about music, his favourite song is Old McDonalds and all songs that involve animals. It’s incredible how much he loves animals and for this reason his cake had to be a farm theme. He loved it. I was thrilled to see how happy he was at his little party. We just had my mother-in-law and my father-in-low (who came from Montreal) over and few close friends. Unfortunately we couldn’t invite everyone we wanted to because the condo is small. He played lots with his friends through the entire afternoon and he didn’t look tired. He just wanted to play and enjoy!

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It was a last minute party to be honest. I planed everything is one week. At first we just thought to have a cake with all three (Pierre, me and him), but later we decided to do something a little bigger because this was a special year for us and for him too. So, why not to celebrate this with our beloved ones, right? I’m glad we decided to do it because we will have this day in our memory forever.

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Our little boy deserves everything good in this life, especially a fun birthday party. We’ve never thought we could love someone like we love you. You, Thomas, are our everything, our air we breath, our sun, our life. Thank you so much for coming to this world and make our lives better. You brought love, hope and happiness to our family and we are very grateful for you being this beautiful little person you are. You make us become better human beings. We love you forever and ever!

Life Beyond Cooking: Thomas' 1st Birthday

Thank you so much for reading this post! Next week I’ll be back with more recipes for you.