Quick Easy Bean Salad

This quick easy bean salad makes a great side or easy dinner for your warm summer evening. And that dressing – oh, that dressing!

Quick Easy Bean Salad

Today I have this easy bean salad with red pepper, red onions, green olives and corn that it is so quick to make, and is very flavorful. This is perfect for serving with grilled fish or chicken (This salmon and chicken recipes are not grilled, but they are great recipes to have along with this quick easy bean salad). I know it is a bit early to talk about grilling dishes, but who isn’t excited to eat salad with grill meat outside in the company of our best friends??! I am, and I can’t wait to be able to invite my friends over and have a summer BBQ on my patio!

Quick Easy Bean Salad-4

As it is still too early for grilling meat, it is never too early to make salads. This salad goes wonderfully with almost everything and it is super easy and quick to get on the table.


This salad only calls for a small number of ingredients, but it gets very good flavor – especially because it is drizzled with a light but delicious mustard Dijon vinaigrette and goes beautifully with beans and olives. I particularly love this combination and I think this salad dressing makes all the difference. It’s worth making this salad just for the dressing… and it’s super simple!

Quick Easy Bean Salad-2

If you are not trying to control your calories you should add some feta cheese in this salad. It will make this salad taste even better. I didn’t add any because I am avoiding dairy as much as I can, but it is really up to you if you want or not to add feta, or even gorgonzola.

For this recipe I took a shortcut and used some low sodium beans in a can, because I had a really busy day. But feel free to make your own beans. I have a pressure cooker beans recipe that I think you may be interested in, so please take a look. The only work you really have to do is to chop all the ingredients very fine. When it is done you just need to combine all the ingredients together, pour the dressing and toss everything well. And the added bonus with bean salads is a ton of protein you get! So, let’s dig in and enjoy this delicious bean salad.

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