Black Bean Mango Salad Recipe

Black bean mango salad makes the best take-along salad for summertime. Bright, fresh, and easily transported!

Close up of a black bean mango salad in a bowl.This weekend, the sun was shining beautifully and it made me remember how much I really enjoy the sun, bright and sunny days and all that comes with spring and summer. I think I feel happier and smiling about everything when it is a beautiful day outside. We started the day with this Keto Avocado Green Smoothie and had so much energy!

I love seeing everyone from the neighborhood out walking around, sitting on the green grass reading a good book or laying out in the sun just for the sake of it. Canada would be a perfect country if the weather wouldn’t be so tough, but as nothing is perfect I have to enjoy as much as I can in the spring and summer months.An overhead photo of two bowls of black bean mango salad.Talking about spring and summer, I thought about mangoes. This is such a tropical fruit that screams warm weather more than any other fruit. In Brazil, mango is the queen of the fruits… well I can’t forget about the bananas too 😉 But, mangoes are one of my favorite fruits and every time I have the chance to add this fruit in my recipes I do, just because I love it. Do you guys remember my spinach fruit salad? Yummy!!! Spring and summer just go really well with salads and grilling recipes, right?

Close up of a bowl of black bean mango salad.

I decided to make this easy recipe for dinner few days ago because on a sunny day the last thing I want to do is to spend hours in the kitchen. I love all these quick and tasty recipes because all we want is to be outside and have fun with our love ones, instead of being inside cooking. We had this full-of-flavor black bean mango salad along with my maple mustard salmon recipe. This also doesn’t take lots of time to make. But if you are not a fan of fish you can have this side dish with a delicious roasted chicken legs or any other meat you prefer. You can even have this salad as a main dish for lunch. No problem at all.

I keep saying that this recipe is so easy, but it is because it REALLY is. The only work you will have is to chop and dice all the ingredients this recipe requires. Pour your favorite dressing and toss everything very well. Done!!

Thanks a lot for reading! This Black Bean Mango recipe was originally created for Food Fanatic. So, be sure to visit them too!

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