Quinoa Greek Salad

Quinoa Greek Salad

This quinoa Greek salad is earthy, briny, and all about the tang thanks to Feta and vinaigrette. It'll be great at your next big barbecue. I love Mediterranean flavors. In fact, I learned how to love Greek salads with my husband - he is a Greek salad freak. No kidding! He could eat it seven days of the week and every time I feel a little lazy to cook something for us he says, "I'll make a Greek salad!" - this is his ace in the hole! When we eat out, many times he orders what?? Guess, … [Click to Continue Reading...]

Chocolate Chunk Hazelnut Cookies-4

Chocolate Chunk Hazelnut Cookies

These Chocolate Chunk Hazelnut Cookies are gluten-free, soft, chewy, and loaded with dark chocolate chunk and hazelnut flour!  Tomorrow it is going to be Canada Day, which means we are all going to have a day off to celebrate this special day for … [Click to Continue Reading...]

Sweet Potato Stuffed Peppers-5

Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Stuffed Peppers

These ground turkey sweet potato stuffed peppers are filled with favours and a delicious homemade tomato sauce. Perfect recipe for you busy dinnertime.   Today I've got a new recipe that I'm really excited to share with you because I've always been a fan of … [Click to Continue Reading...]

Rice with Mushroom and Asparagus

Rice with Mushroom and Asparagus

This rice with mushroom and asparagus recipe makes a perfect summer side dish for you and your family! It's a quick and easy rice recipe that uses veggies, fresh parsley and feta for garnishing. Hey, guys! How are you? First, I would like to start this … [Click to Continue Reading...]

Pressure Cooker Sausage and Beans Recipe3

Pressure Cooker Sausage and Beans Recipe

This easy Pressure Cooker Sausage and Beans recipe is an absolutely awesome meal that tastes like it simmered all day but actually it took only 35mins to be ready on the table.  Hello, guys! I really hope you all are having a great week so far. I’ve been … [Click to Continue Reading...]

Tuna Cucumber Cups Recipe

Tuna Cucumber Cups

Looking for a healthy appetizer or afternoon snack? You are at the right place because these Tuna Cucumber Cups have everything you need to feel satisfied. This recipe only requires 5 ingredients and it is low in carbs and gluten free.  Hello, everyone I … [Click to Continue Reading...]

Kalamata Collard Quinoa Salad

Kalamata Collard Quinoa Salad

This kalamata collard quinoa salad couldn't pack any more flavor into one dish. Make it for lunch, dinner, or as a side to any protein you'd like. I always prefer to sauté green leaves, especially if these greens have a strong taste when they are eaten raw. … [Click to Continue Reading...]

Foil Baked Salmon Recipe-8

Foil Baked Salmon Recipe

Foil Baked Salmon Recipe - This is the easiest way to make salmon in foil. It is baked over a bed of asparagus. You infuse your salmon with lemon, onion and dried oregano for a richer flavor. Gluten-free, paleo, and low-carb!  Oh Gosh, do you believe it is … [Click to Continue Reading...]

Easy Grilled Fish Tacos-11

Easy Grilled Fish Tacos

Let's enjoy the nice weather making this quick and easy grilled fish tacos today!!  In February I was invited to try a grilling class at the Weber Grill Academy and I had an amazing experience. At the end of this fun night, I received a brand new Weber Q … [Click to Continue Reading...]

Black Bean Mango Salad-7

Black Bean Mango Salad

Black bean mango salad makes the best take-along salad for summertime. Bright, fresh, and easily transported! This weekend, the sun was shining beautifully and it made me remember how much I really enjoy the sun, bright and sunny days and all that comes … [Click to Continue Reading...]

Almond Cake with Fresh Berries_-13

Almond Cake with Berries (1 year blogiversary)

This gluten and dairy free almond cake with berries is made with almond flour and it is fluffy, light, and very moist cake! Today is a very exciting day on my blog because it is the 1st year blogiversary for Primavera Kitchen!! It was actually on May 26 of … [Click to Continue Reading...]

15 Healthy Summer Sandwiches

15 Healthy Summer Sandwiches

An awesome collection of 15 Healthy Summer Sandwiches for your picnic, lunch or a quick summer meal.  Today I am sharing with you 15 Healthy Summer Sandwiches to inspire you to make some delicious, healthy, easy and quick meals without wasting tons of … [Click to Continue Reading...]

Sausage Quinoa Pasta

Sausage Quinoa Pasta

This super easy and satisfying Sausage Quinoa Pasta is tossed in a simple homemade tomato sauce and parmesan cheese. This is a perfect filling pasta dish for your busy weeknight. One thing that crossed my mind when my husband and I were trying to change … [Click to Continue Reading...]

Garlic Shrimp with Zucchini Noodles-3

Garlic Shrimp with Zucchini Noodles

This is a quick and easy Garlic Shrimp with Zucchini Noodles recipe loaded with nutrients that makes a healthy and delicious gluten free and paleo weeknight meal.   Hope you are doing well. Last week I started my little garden in my patio. I started with … [Click to Continue Reading...]

Peanut Butter Green Smoothie with Pepperidge Farm Cracker Chips-6

Peanut Butter Green Smoothie with Pepperidge Farm® Cracker Chips

This post is brought to you by Pepperidge Farm® and BlogHer, but all opinions are my own. I think one of the biggest challenges to eating better is when you work eight or more hours a day and when you get hungry you just grab whatever you can eat, … [Click to Continue Reading...]

10 healthy brunch recipes for mother's day

10 Healthy Brunch Recipes For Mother’s Day

10 Healthy Brunch Recipes for Mother's Day - Treat your Mom on her special day with a delicious and healthy brunch. Use these 10 recipes to create a relaxing brunch for Mother's Day without taking so much time cooking.   Hello, friends! I really hope … [Click to Continue Reading...]